department of gnotobiology

and young animal diseases

Head of the department:

MVDr. Alojz Bomba CSc.


The working activities of the Department of Gnotobiology and Young Animal Diseases are aimed at studying the problems of both prevention and therapy of the major diseases of young farm animals, particularly digestive tract disorders. The Laboratory is directed at studying the interactions of natural microflora and digestive tract pathogens in order to use the inhibition effect of autochthonous microflora against pathogens in both prevention and therapy of diarrheic syndrome in calves, lambs, piglets, and weaned pigs. The experience obtained are being used in the development of probiotic preparations for young farm animals. The Laboratory studies the mechanism of the effect of probiotics and the possibilities how to enhance their effect in the prevention of diarrheic disorders of young animals. In the experimental part, the Laboratory uses gnotobiologic techniques. The Laboratory provides advisory activities to promote the health of young farm animals herds.  

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