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Essential activities beneficial for the public are the following:

The primary role of the Institute as the only sectional professional state research institution within the field of veterinary medicine in Slovakia is to ensure the progress in veterinary sciences, research and development aimed at the investigation of animal morbidity, the mechanisms of evolution and the course of the pathological process as well as the epizootiological and epidemiological conditions, to prevent diseases and to decrease both direct and indirect losses in common and conventional as well as special types of farms (cooperative, private, family ones) doing business at different soil and climatic conditions within unequal production areas for the improvement the effectiveness of production. In addition, research activities of the Institute are aimed at ensuring the full nutritive value and health unobjectability of the produced raw materials and food of animal origin. Research activities of the Institute are being realized and developed in the following fields: (1) microbiology, epizootiology and immunology, (2) production and reproduction disorders in animals, (3) ecotoxicology and hygiene of food and environment, (4) economy of animal health, sustainable development of agricultural production and biodiversity.


The general professional activities of the Institute are the following:

Administration of the Slovak Republic (SVA SR) as well as other institutions involved; establishing reference laboratories,


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